7 Reasons to Integrate Logistyx Technologies Ecommerce Shipping Software into Your E-commerce Website

Logistyx Technologies is one of the most popular multi-carrier shipping solutions providers out there. They pride themselves on offering e-commerce shipping solution that not only helps preserve your profit margins but also makes order processing flawless and fast. Here are the main reasons to choose Logistyx Technologies multi-carrier Ecommerce Shipping Software over the rest:

Logistyx Technologies e-commerce shipping software compares carriers on your behalf

The shipping software comes with an inbuilt carrier rating system that automatically evaluates and compares multiple carries in the world regarding shipping rates and services. The e-commerce shipping solution also encompasses user-configurable business rule engine that lets you add your own shipping rules. With your own shipping rules, you can be sure that the software will choose the most affordable carrier based on your rules at any time. With this shipping software, you would not need any employee to interpret the report.

  • Logistyx Technologies Ecommerce Shipping Software Shipping Software helps you ship 12 times faster

One of the challenges e-commerce business owners face during shipping is when there is a backlog of customer orders. Without a tremendous multi-carrier shipping solution, there is bound to be chaos and delays will be inevitable. But with Logistyx Technologies Ecommerce Shipping Software, all these processes are automated, allowing you to ship 12 times faster.

  • Logistyx Technologies multicarrier shipping solution has simplified carrier management

Logistyx Technologies have simplified carrier management by bringing various reputable carriers into the shipping software network. Their team has been in the shipping software space for many years, which means they’ve configured their multi-carrier shipping solution in such a way that it’s pretty easy to incorporate local, regional, as well as national and international carriers.

  • You can ship globally with Logistyx Technologies Ecommerce Shipping Software

If you’re doing business across the world, then you should choose Logistyx Technologies multicarrier shipping solution to manage your shipping because they take care of shipments across the globe. Their shipping platform integrates many shipping carriers across the world. So you only need to pick a carrier depending on the country you want to ship to.

  • Logistyx Technologies Ecommerce Shipping Software seamlessly integrates with your existing systems

One of the most important considerations when choosing a multicarrier shipping software for your e-commerce website is the ability to integrate with your systems. That means it should seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce website, including warehouse management systems, enterprise resource planning systems and order management systems. Some of the e-commerce platforms and software that Logistyx Technologies e-commerce shipping software integrates with include Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, QuickBooks, monsoon, channeladvisor, eBay, and overstock.com. And if you’d like to incorporate additional modules like order packing software, order management dashboard, or shipment consolidation software, this software has it covered.

  • Logistyx Technologies Ecommerce Shipping Software instantly prints all shipping labels

This shipping software instantly prints all the carrier compliant labels, as well as shipping documents that you need. This makes it easier to track shipments and know their status in real time so that when an issue occurs during shipping, it’s arrested early and addressed before the customer gets wind of it. This significantly minimizes customer complaints and returns. .

  • Logistyx Technologies Ecommerce Shipping Software helps you cut expenses related to labor

The shipping software helps you speed up order fulfillment without adding more employees. Because the shipping software is managed from a central location, only one staff can manage all the shipping processes. And the good thing is that it comes with mobile capabilities, which means the staff can manage to ship wherever they are, any time.


We’ve barely scratched the surface of what Logistyx Technologies Ecommerce Shipping Software can offer your e-commerce website. The possibilities with Logistyx Technologies are endless. So, if you’re looking for the best e-commerce shipping software, then Logistyx Technologies Ecommerce Shipping Software is an excellent choice. .

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